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iTimeapp – the ultimate workforce management tool

The modern workplace is changing, growing ever more reliant on digital means to monitor employee activities, whether it be through tracking production, time management or reporting risks and incidents. No matter what business you run, keeping an eye on employee safety and whereabouts is crucial to running a smooth operation.

The iTime app from Mars Spiders can do all this for you. iTime is a smartphone application for both iOS and Android phones with a cloud-management system to keep track of everything from scheduling your employees, sending push notifications whenever needed, uploading important documents to generating QR codes for clocking in and out of a work site, and processing payments to employees.

itime app ultimate workforce solution

So, more specifically, what is iTime?

There are two key components to the iTime application. One is the client-based smartphone application, meaning employees will have it installed on their smartphones and from there, they can clock in when arriving at a site, and clock out when they leave. When clocking in, employees can use visual confirmation or a QR code. They can report incidents by using the smartphone camera, they can receive push notifications within seconds to stay up-to-date on vital communications. Workers can view documents you’ve uploaded as well, though viewing documents is done externally through apps they have on their phone already such as Chrome or PDFViewer. They can also view their schedules for the day through the calendar.

The other key component is the cloud-based monitoring system, which gives an enormous amount of control in setting up activities for the employees. You can create work sites, define what is being built and where it’s being built, and by clicking into each user profile by using the eye icon that is populated under the “Your People” tab on the left-hand side, you can assign workers to a specific project, streamlining your projects into an effective machine. Each user will also have a description of what their profession is, so you’ll know which employee does what. Clicking on “Schedule” and selecting a work site will pull up calendar schedule where you can create different types of schedules depending on your need and whether you want the schedules to remain fixed for one week or for one month, or just a single day. The default view in the Schedule calendar is set to Month, but you can change to view it by week or by day to ensure specific work are done on specific days. You can set individual schedules as well for paid and unpaid time off, absences and annual leave. You can review submitted incidents, and it will inform you who submitted it, time and date it was submitted and where. You can send push notifications with urgent information, you can upload documents to your workers when needed, and create QR codes for specific sites for clock-in, clock-out or both user statuses.

iTime allows you to monitor and track everything you need to run your business smoothly. Time management, worker information, scheduling, incident review and risk assessment, payments – all of this is included with iTime. It’s a complete workforce management solution tailored to your needs.

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